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Links to More Resources 

Government Sites

DPD - Seattle Department of Planning and Development - A great resource for all finding out your house's history - sewer lines, where your lot ends, if changes were permitted. (Used to be called the DCLU.)
Energy Star - A federally sponsored site about increasing the energy efficiency of your home.
EPA Ratings - Find out the rating for your zip code from the Environmental Protection Agency.
EPA's Mold Guide - Explains all about mold & how to clean it up.
Housing and Urban Development - A non-commercial source for all kinds of basic information.
Metro KC - The main King County government site.
Pollution Scorecard - Rates levels of pollution based on zip code.
Seattle Crime Statistics - Broken down by neighborhood.
Home Care Topics
Ask Heloise - The queen of home-cleaning tips with an active reader forum with their own tips.
Be Jane - Dedicated to serving the fastest growing segment of the home improvement marketplace - women do-it-yourselfers (DIYers) who have the economic staying power and the personal desire to improve their home environment.
Better Homes & Gardens Home Improvement - Like Bob Vila, it is commercial but there is lot of useful stuff.
Do-It-Yourself Network - Thorough explanations for easy ways to fix & improve your home.
Home care library - It's a commercial website - but Bob Vila's the expert in home repair & he has an extensive how-to library online.
The Enhanced Home - Our recommended stager. Eduardo uses your own furniture & decorations to stage your home, which saves you money - and work!

Money Tips

Home Gain - Tools to calculate the return on specific home improvement.
IRS Tax Tips - Some basic info from the Internal Revenue Service about their home selling rules.
Staging Statistics - The numbers on how a professionally staged home increases your sales price.
Zillow - Quick Price Guide - For an initial idea of what your home is worth. The number is approximate and is usually within 10% of the sales price. For a free comprehensive market analysis, contact Kay Rigley.
CitySearch - Search site for local restaurants, spas, shopping, movies and everything else they can think of. With 'Best of Seattle' votes by locals.
Department of Neighborhoods - A growing number of Seattle neighborhoods have established Web pages. Some have been authored by representatives of neighborhood organizations and some by individuals working independently. You can search by map location.
King Country Library System - Although the neighborhood libraries tend to be short on materials, they can order in just about any resource you need.
Kiro TV's Guide - Listed by names; this guide includes the great Seattle area including the Eastside. It has commercial links, but also good links for more info about each area.
MSN Live - Type in an address and get an aerial view of your home and neighborhood.
NW Source Neighborhoods - A more commercial description of neighborhoods searchable by map or name.
Off-Leash Areas - Local, fully-fenced parks where dog owners can bring their dogs to run & play with other dogs.
Real-Time traffic map - Check traffc on major interstates and highways before you get on the road. Updated every few minutes.
Seattle Neighborhood Guide - Offers links to news resources for popular Seattle neighborhoods.
Seattle Neighborhoods - Profiles of all of Seattle's neighborhoods with maps.
Seattle Parks & Recreations - Full of useful info.
Seattle Weekly - Local newspaper with a community feel.
U.S. Census - Quick facts demographics sorted by zip code.
Webtowns - Recent headlines, hidden history, contact lists, school ratings, restaurant reviews, homes for sale, park locations and more. Get in-depth and easy-to-use info on 85 communities in nine regions.
Real Estate Sites
CNN Money - CNN's master site on everything real estate.
MSN Homes - Collection of lots of articles about taking care of your home.
Realtor.com - A good general resource that serves both clients and agents.
Windermere Real Estate - The best real estate agency in Seattle!
WSJ Real Estate - The Wall Street Journal's master site on everything real estate.
School Sites & Reports
Edmonds School District - Official website for Edmonds public school district.
OSPI Report Card - State report on Washington public schools statistics.
School Matters - A non-government sponsored report comparing schools.
Schools Guide - Seattle Times comprehensive guide to local schools.
Seattle Public Schools - The official website for the district.
Shoreline Schools - Official website for Shoreline public schools.

Services & Utilities

Comcast - Cable & internet service.
Puget Sound Energy - Provides electricity for most of the East side.
Seattle City Light - Provides electricity for all of Seattle. Most related activities can be done on their site.
Seattle Public Utilities - Water, sewage, garbage and recycling.
Speakeasy.net - Local internet provider with great customer service & positive community involvement.
Kay: 206.200.5347 krigley@windermere.com | Shannon: 206.419.5332 slhill@windermere.com
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