Kay Rigley & Shannon Hill Hanson
Kay Rigley & Shannon Hill Hanson
Windermere Real Estate/ FN
Kay: 206.200.5347 krigley@windermere.com | Shannon: 206.419.5332 slhill@windermere.com
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A Short Autobiography    

Real Estate
I worked at Swedish Hospital in downtown Seattle for several years. However, as the health industry pushed nurses to more time on paperwork and less with patients, I started looking for a new career that would get me back to hands-on involvement in changing peoples' lives. My experience nursing meshed perfectly with the requirements for being a great real estate agent: patient, detailed, insightful - and most importantly - genuinely caring for my clients. I love being a real estate agent, and now I can't imagine doing anything else.

My first calling was nursing. From early on, I seemed to have a knack for knowing what to do when somebody was in physical or emotional pain and found it fulfilling. I became a registered nurse and midwife and spent time delivering babies and caring for preemies in the National Maternity Hospital, Dublin. From there, I travelled to a mission in Zimbabwe to fulfill my dream of helping sick children in Africa.

With the dream of owning my own home - something uncommon at that time in Ireland - I spent 5 years nursing in Saudi Arabia, saving money (and spending quite a bit too!). When we weren't working at the hospital, we were off to the Philippines, Thailand, Hong Kong and more. I did buy my house in Ireland, but the travel bug was still biting which led me to America. I fell in love with Seattle. I'm still awestruck by the beauty that surrounds me, the quality of life I experience in the Northwest and the warm hearted people I'm so lucky to meet

My Irish Home
Growing Up in Ireland

I was born in County Wexford, Ireland, which is about two hours south of Dublin. I grew up on a small farm with my three older brothers - Little House on the Prairie 'Irish style!' Even though there's now a two-lane highway into town, my brother still runs the family farm, and you can always get craic (good fun) and a pint at the local pub!

County Wexford

 My Family's Farm

Buyer & Seller Tips

Kay: 206.200.5347 krigley@windermere.com | Shannon: 206.419.5332 slhill@windermere.com
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